Linux - Bootable USB pendrive


Today I found an interesting piece of technology. Let me share with you.

You can boot a computer machine from your usb pendrive. It's very easy.

Get ready to prepare a bootable pendrive from your windows pc.

First you need to target a Linux distribution. I choose "puppy linux" it's live image size is roughly around 94MB, quiet small. You can easily copy it to your usb pendrive.

Download any of the puppy linux release from

Now the next thing you need to get is the software that extracts this downloaded linux distribution onto your usb pendrive and make it bootable. I used UNetbootin tool for this purpose you can download it from

The last thing inorder to prepare a linux bootable usb pendrive -
Plugin your pendrive execute the unetbootin exe file and select the location of your downloaded .iso file. Remember to choose the correct drive letter of your pendrive otherwise this tool will try to make someother drive bootable which could harm your data.

Once you are done. Then restart your machine and select the USB boot option from your system bios menu and boot your machine your Linux - bootable usb pendrive.

Now you can do all of the following things and much more.
- Browse internet
- Listen and watch audio/videos
- Recover data from your NTFS based windows hardrive
- Access almost all of the storage devices attached to your machine
- Lots more.

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Notepad Tricks

Hey here i find an interesting trick which you can play with your notepad.

Step1: Goto run and type notepad. (This will open a notepad for you)
Step2: Just type .LOG exactly as the first line in the notepad and save it with whatever name you want

Next time whenever you open this file it will gives you the latest automatic timestamp.
So you can easily jot down all your notes or todos activites and notepad will
remember the date time for you. Its easy isn't it ?

Amazing fact about gmail

Hey friends be aware of this fact now or later you may realize this weird behavior on your own.

If you are using gmail for email communications and having address like then this (.) is really a mess for you.

As Gmail doesn't recognize period (.) in gmail address.

Click Official link for some more amazing facts about gmail !

So there are possibilities that all your mails may hits the mail box of someone with the Gmail id as

So be Carefull while choosing Gmail address.

The fastest web browser on any platform

This is what apple claims !

So i have decided to test this and install safari on windows xp sp3 box. The experience was blazing, like i am getting slipped into it. It's addictive. This browser really has an amazing or *blazing* performance. Clear fonts, nice looks, simplicity every thing is great.

Safari loads pages up to 1.9 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and up to 1.7 times faster than Firefox 2.

And it executes JavaScript up to 6 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and up to 4 times faster than Firefox 2. What does all that mean for you? Less time loading pages and more time enjoying them.

Organize your music world !

Most of the time on weekends I juggling up with my mp3s. Finally i decided to organize my music library. So i would like to share some tips and tricks with wider audience. And i decided to blog this.

Auto-Tag: Winamp 5.5 and above provides this feature to auto tag your songs. No matter track name, artist, album information exists with you or not. It finds almost correct information from gracenote's servers for you.

Just click on the song name in winamp and press alt+3 there you find auto-tag button click it to get correct info.

ID3-TagIT: Another nice tool to rename audio files according to the ID3 tag information from your audio files
This tool provides lots more cool features so just check this out at

Wow! you have correct ID3 tag information and filename cool

Just re-scan all your media libraries and enjoy!

What really happened on Mars ?

Here is another interesting article for all tekey people. Who all wants to know what happened on Mars?

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

This tool scans for and automatically removes prevalent malicious softwares.

There is a simple way to invoke it explicitly from your windows xp sp2 machine. This feature is provided by Microsoft in windows xp sp2 onwards.

So if you wants to invoke this explicitly Goto Start -> Run and type mrt then press enter or click ok

Click Next and then choose your scan type.

It will scan your pc against malicious softwares and removes them.